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Eyesight and Macular Degeneration

Debbie writes: I have someone in my downline (Mike) who had lost his sight to the point of only a little light in one eye and nothing at all in the other. It was macular degeneration and his doctors told him that nothing could be done. So he learned Braille and got a cane. His father heard of the oils and wanted to see what they would do for Mike. He started using Frankincense diluted in a little V6 two or three times a day. He rubbed it around his eye, eyelid etc. (not in his eye) and at the base of his skull on the top of the spine. He started this in April, and the end of September he got a daylight only drivers license. His sight has been restored. It is truly a miracle. No wonder the wisemen brought Frankincense and Myrrh to the Christ Child.

Mike writes: It is my pleasure to give my testimony. At birth there were complications which had led to blindness in both eyes, R.P and M.D. in the right eye. When I heard about the Young Living Oils I was willing to try anything. I started using Frankincense by rubbing on my upper eye lids and the back of my neck. Plus what enhanced it even more, I used a hot pack for 15 minutes. It has been a miracle for me. In less than a week I started seeing light and colour. Later I was able to get my day time drivers license back.

Artemis writes: After reading this testimonial which was posted through a US bulletin many years ago, I passed it on to a friend of mine. Here are his results:

Gordon writes: I’m 77 years of age, and a couple of years ago I had a viral infection which went to my head, lodging behind my right eye. My eye specialist was concerned, and sent me for blood tests which confirmed there was poison in my head from the infection. He told me they’d caught it just in time to prevent me going blind, and treated me with heavy doses of steroids. When they first started the treatment, all I was able to see out of my right eye was a big purple blotch, surrounded by a charcoal grey colour. There was no clear vision at all in this eye – the sight was pretty much gone. They operated on my eye to tie off the artery that goes across the top of the head, because the infection had left a lot of poison in the artery itself. From then on my vision started to improve, and the purple blotch in my field of vision faded back to a bluey grey (coinciding with a reduction in the dosage of the steroids). Once the steroid treatment was completed, I still had the grey patch in my vision, and didn’t feel comfortable driving. I asked the doctor if there was any chance it would go away, and my vision improve. His reply was, “Let’s be philosophical about it. You’re lucky to have any sight at all.”.

I was already using the Young Living Essential Oils, and read the testimonial from Mike who had used Frankincense for macular degeneration. I spoke to my eye specialist about using essential oils, and he said, “Go for it!!”. So for 5 months, 3 times a day, I used warm compresses on my eye, and applied diluted Frankincense oil (3 drops of Frankincense to 5ml of Young Living’s V6 massage oil base) on the back of my neck and around my ears. I experimented using the diluted Frankincense on my toes (at the reflexology eye points), and also on my cheeks and crown, but I felt most comfortable using it on my neck, so I ended up sticking with this. I was always careful to avoid the eyes themselves. Over a 5 month period, the dark grey in my vision reduced down to a light opaque grey, but after that the improvement seemed to plateau. I looked up the Essential Oils Desk Reference and saw that Helichrysum is recommended for scarring, so I began using Helichrysum instead of Frankincense down the back of my neck (same dilution as for the Frankincense). The blur on my eyes changed from a grey down to an opaque white. Now it is just like looking through glad wrap on the lower portion of my right eye (and I passed the eye examinations for my licence). A year after the infection, I drove myself from Sydney to Melbourne on holidays!

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