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Animal: Myrrh Cat

Susan De Marco writes: My fourteen year old cat Kimba, had been involved in yet another scrap with the neighbour’s cat. He had a claw scratch across the bridge of his nose onto his cheek. He is hard to give any medication to at the best of times, and now with his nose and face swollen so that they were merging into one with the swelling, I knew it may have to be a vet job. He was so swollen his eyes were looking more like slits. The swelling had come up overnight. He looked a sore and sorry, eyes tearing, miserable Pud, off his food.

I looked at my oils and the one that ‘jumped out’ was Myrrh. I read the Essential Oils Desk Reference on animals and knew cats were sensitive to oils, so I added just one drop of Myrrh oil to five drops of V6, and managed to brush it on his one paw, and briefly over his sides as he fled. I got home from work and found a happy cat, all the swelling gone and the wound no longer angry and inflamed. Kimba has had a sneeze for the last few weeks of winter and this too had gone. I gave him one more paw dose (managed two paws this time) the next day to be sure all was well, and he has continued to heal with no further signs of infection. Love that Myrrh!! Now I have a Myrrh Kat!

Note: Some books say that cats are sensitive to citrus oils and phenols, and that these can cause internal problems for cats. With this in mind, I now avoid the hot oils (those with phenols, like Oregano and Thyme) and any citrus oils, at least for neat application. I love Susan’s idea of mixing the essential oil in V6 and applying.  The other thing that I’ve done is to put a single drop of essential oil in the palm of my hand (eg. something like Spikenard that has an “earthy” aroma), rub my hands together so that virtually all of the oil has absorbed into my own hands, and then pick up my cat. I notice that a few minutes later (after applying Spikenard), he becomes cuddly and noticeably happier. This technique is also good on babies.

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