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Children: Hand, Foot and Mouth disease

Kylie writes: Dear Artemis, our daughter Ariel recently contracted hand, foot and mouth disease (which sounds a lot worse that it actually is!). Her doctor said it was quite common in the warmer months amongst children. Ariel had woken that morning with sore red spots over her hands, feet and inside her mouth making it difficult to eat without great discomfort. The doctor said there was no treatment for the virus but it would only last about five days. After a few days the sores became less painful, however there were still a couple that had become infected and were highly contagious. These were taking a while to go so I applied Melrose oil directly onto the sores that night. By the morning the pus had completely gone! I continued with the Melrose about 3 times the next day and they didn’t return. These oils never cease to amaze me! Love and blessings, Kylie

Artemis adds: Melrose is a blend of essential oils, including Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) oil.

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