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Dripping Nose and HayFever

John writes: I want to let you know about something I discovered just two weeks ago. I am a massage therapist, and this occurred one morning just as I was about to commence a massage treatment on a client. My nose began to run and I couldn’t stop it. As you can imaging, massaging clients with a dripping nose is not a good look. There were quite a few clients booked in that day so I had to think quick. I went to my Young Living Essential Oils and selected Peppermint oil. I dropped four drops of Peppermint onto one end of a cotton bud and then placed the oil, by using a painting action, at the back of the roof of my mouth near the tonsils. Within about five minutes my nose stopped dripping and running and the symptoms did not return all day so I had no trouble attending to my full schedule.

On three other occasions since I have used this method using Young Living Peppermint Oil and each time the results have been exactly the same. In addition to this, last week my wife had a hay fever attack so we tried this method of using Young Living Peppermint Oil and her symptoms cleared in less than half an hour. She was impressed and so was I.


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